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 Site Name: PHP-Nuke FR
Country: France
Site Maintainer: Jean Claude
Description: French community and support website

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 Site Name: PHP-Nuke Germany
Country: Germany
Site Maintainer: PHPNuke Service
Description: Germany community and support web site.

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 Site Name: PHP-Nuke Greece
Country: Greece
Site Maintainer: Aligator21
Description: Greece community and support web site.

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 Site Name: PHP-Nuke Hungary
Country: Hungary
Site Maintainer: Szabolcs Illes
Description: Hungary community and support web site.

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 Site Name: PHP-Nuke Ireland
Country: Ireland
Site Maintainer: Darren
Description: Irland support and community web site.

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 Site Name: Desarrollo Nuke
Country: Spain
Site Maintainer: David Martí­n
Description: Spanish community and support website.

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