2011 Programming Languages Ranking

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, September 06 @ 18:31:26 CEST (26448 reads)

TIOBE index is an indicator of the popularity of various programming languages with which we carry out this classification. This will allow us to verify if our skills as developers are updated

We find PHP Among the highlights, even with the poor results obtained during the last months and after the recent arrival of new version: PHP 5.3

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PHP 5.3.8 Out!

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, September 06 @ 18:29:48 CEST (19100 reads)

The PHP development team has just released the latest stable version of this programming language. This release fixes a security issue of the popular programming language aimed at web development.

The update comes just five days after they release the previous version (PHP5.3.7) when the team detected a major security vulnerability that left exposed the affected applications.

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ACE: The new code editor

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, September 06 @ 18:28:31 CEST (15226 reads)

Ace is a separate code editor written in Javascript which aims to extend the features, ease of use and performance of native editors like TextMate or Eclipse.

This tool —designed for web developers and successor of the Mozilla project Skywriter— can work with documents containing more than 100,000 lines of code, highlight the syntax on the selected language and support JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, C + +, CoffeeScript.

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Twitter and facebook blocks for php nuke

Posted by nukelite on Wednesday, August 24 @ 19:03:00 CEST (16454 reads)

arturomx writes "I share with the phpnuke comunity this two simple blocks, the first is for read you feed in twitter and the second for read when someone mentioned your site in facebook, simple to install, customize and use. Just modify the html container for adjust your username, colors and sizes.

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Using anchor text for positioning on web browsers

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, August 23 @ 20:02:34 CEST (12137 reads)

The anchor text (also known as link label or link text), is an important tool that you can use for positioning your site over others on the Web. This is because the logic says that if a website is quoted and mentioned in different places, it represents that its content is relevant to the topic that it is developing.

The web browsers use this logic in order to give the user the most accurate results. But is this correctly exploited for the bloggers and content writers? It seems that mainly it is not, because we can usually see anchor texts saying *Click here* as example, what is not related to the things that you are trying to position.

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