Questions: Install of PHP-Nuke

Posted by nukelite on Saturday, August 25 @ 06:25:00 CEST (9842 reads)

humvee writes "Hi I am having trouble getting php nuke setup and running correctly on my site especially getting the mod rewrite to work correctly (yes mod rewrite is installed on the server)

Is there someone (for a fee obviously) who could install and setup PHP nuke 8.1 (its currently 7.9) and install and configure mod rewrite at the same time? 

There is basically no content that needs migrated as its a new site."

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Questions: SSL Hybrid Security in PHP-Nuke?

Posted by nukelite on Sunday, April 20 @ 06:57:19 CEST (18296 reads)

Anonymous writes "I have a domain setup around Plesk, so all normal documents are stored in the folder 'httpdocs', and all secure SSL documents are stored in the folder 'httpsdocs', both in the root directory.

I installed PHP-Nuke in the non-SSL directory because I heard it has a tendancy of slowing down the site and what not, but I want to make a specific module SSL-driven [its a 'members zone' module, so it has to be very secure]. How would I go about doing this?"

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Questions: PHP-Nuke Object Oriented?

Posted by nukelite on Wednesday, March 26 @ 14:00:00 CET (20077 reads)

Sheppard writes "As my final project for my degree, I'm using PHPNuke to build a Corporate Support Portal for the company I'm working for.

I'm writing my final report on this that will be validated by my teacher. I'd like to know:

1. Is PHP-Nuke Object Oriented?
2. How can you tell?
3. Why using PHP-Nuke and not build a system yourself right from scratch?

Thanks! Rob"

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Questions: Can other web servers be used to run nukephp?

Posted by nukelite on Wednesday, March 05 @ 14:00:00 CET (19306 reads)

Anonymous writes "Hi, I was checking the requirements for NukePHP and it said Apache Web Server but i m currently using Abyss Web Server and I m too lazy to switch to Apache.

So my question is: can PHP-Nuke run on other servers?

You can mail me at"

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Questions: Let us build a PHP-Nuke Module - A collaborative approach to the community

Posted by nukelite on Sunday, February 09 @ 08:59:51 CET (27928 reads)

Anonymous writes "Hello community, good day! I thought it would be good for all the newbie and veteran module makers out there to examine the module creation process. Well, I humbly propose that we should have a little series of polls and discussions around the next weeks to decide what module we will collectively make.

Well I think, Community participation could help in every stage of the development process! The community could help making to decide the development goals of the module. So folks, I am asking the PHP-Nuke community to help decide which module should be the focus of the collaboratively process."

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