Addons: YouTube Video Downloader PHP-Nuke Module

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, July 26 @ 15:02:34 CEST (13715 reads)

Do you want to add a download functionality to your PHPnuke based website? Then you should use YouTube Video Downloader PHP-Nuke Module. This way you will allow your users to easily select and download their favorite videos straight to their computers.

The utility is truly easy to use: it only needed to paste the YouTube video URL on its interface and then click on the “Generate Download Link” option. Through the new link it will give you, you could download the file without inconvenient.

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Addons: Comment fix for Nuke Flash Player v0.3.1

Posted by nukelite on Monday, January 04 @ 05:43:55 CET (10505 reads)

Tivadar writes "This fix change to Nuke Flash Player (v0.3.1) comment spam filter to Nuke default spam filter (Chapta).

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Addons: FREE PHP-Nuke Chat Module of 123 Flash Chat is coming!

Posted by nukelite on Friday, December 18 @ 12:18:31 CET (10252 reads)

flashchat123 writes "With the free PHP-Nuke chat addon, you could integrate a live  chat room to your PHP-Nuke seamlessly, so users could auto-login and some Chat Data could be seen in Chat addon, like  how many people are connected to the chat server"

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Addons: Youtube Grabber Module Released

Posted by nukelite on Friday, December 18 @ 12:17:20 CET (7888 reads)

xGSTQ writes "YouTube Video Grabber is one the working video grabber scripts or add on for php nuke web site.
It is very simple, light and you can download the source code to use it on your web site. Enter a YouTube video URL in the input box, click download link generator button and click download link at the bottom to save the video in your computer.

You can also use login feature inside to script to download video that requires user to login.

Original script by

Download the Youtube Grabber Module (no registration required)

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Addons: LGSL (Live Game Server List) 5.7 Game Server Monitor Released

Posted by nukelite on Wednesday, November 18 @ 13:20:09 CET (7169 reads)

xGSTQ writes "Version 5.7  has been released, It is recommend upgrading to all LGSL users, Its recommended that all versions are updated to v5.7 the main fixes were the improvement if the UTF-8 Unicode support for non English letters and symbols.

Don't  forget this comes in 2 versions, the standalone version script and the  PHPNuke integrated version that will display as a block and module to  display your servers flawlessly.

You can view the changelog and grab the download of LGSL 5.7

Making Clans Look Good

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