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Using anchor text for positioning on web browsers

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, August 23 @ 20:02:34 CEST (12137 reads)

The anchor text (also known as link label or link text), is an important tool that you can use for positioning your site over others on the Web. This is because the logic says that if a website is quoted and mentioned in different places, it represents that its content is relevant to the topic that it is developing.

The web browsers use this logic in order to give the user the most accurate results. But is this correctly exploited for the bloggers and content writers? It seems that mainly it is not, because we can usually see anchor texts saying *Click here* as example, what is not related to the things that you are trying to position.

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The differences between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, August 23 @ 20:01:08 CEST (16159 reads)

You might have heard about the concept of Web 3.0 or Semantic Web in many occasions used for talking about “the next big thing” on the internet. Although there are still a lot of speculations about it, here we show you some key differences between what it is today Web 2.0 and what is Web 3.0 going to be in the next future.

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What Is PHP?

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, August 16 @ 14:42:17 CEST (5112 reads)

seoyazilimlari writes "

The endless possibilities of the PHP scripting language and a great community of users has made it one of the most popular open-source languages. For all you people living outside the UNIX world, Open Source means it doesn't cost anything. You can use it as much as you want and where you want, and nobody will ever charge you thousands of dollars for licenses and support. Even though it was originally conceived as a set of macros to help coders maintain personal home pages, its name grew a lot more from its purpose. Since then, PHP's capabilities have been extended, taking it beyond a set of utilities to a full-featured programming language, capable of managing huge database-driven online environments.

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Addons: YouTube Video Downloader PHP-Nuke Module

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, July 26 @ 15:02:34 CEST (13815 reads)

Do you want to add a download functionality to your PHPnuke based website? Then you should use YouTube Video Downloader PHP-Nuke Module. This way you will allow your users to easily select and download their favorite videos straight to their computers.

The utility is truly easy to use: it only needed to paste the YouTube video URL on its interface and then click on the “Generate Download Link” option. Through the new link it will give you, you could download the file without inconvenient.

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Professional Nuke Services

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, April 13 @ 07:21:15 CEST (85094 reads)

NukeInstaller writes "For 4 years Nuke Install has become the top Professional Nuke Installation Company on the net. With over 200 installations, conversions, upgrades and custom services provided to date, we have developed services useful to both newcomers and the experienced users of the various Nuke systems. Customers can have piece of mind knowing that we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We work closely with each and every customer to ensure they get exactly what they would like in their web site. Many of our customers have become repeat customers or have hired us on a long term basis for ongoing work.

If you are new to the various Nuke systems or would like to have some custom work done, then I encourage you to stop over at Nuke Install and see if we can be assistance. We offer a large array of services including but not limited to the following:

* Nuke Installations

* Nuke Conversions

* Nuke Upgrades

* Module/Block/Theme Installs

* Forum Mod Installs

* Nuke Security checks and Installs

* Repairs and Troubleshooting

* Custom Work on Request

If our professional services sound like something that interest you, but you are still not convinced. Feel free to checkout what our customers have to say in our forums.

Nuke Install


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