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PHP 5.3.8 Out!

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, September 06 @ 18:29:48 CEST (19100 reads)

The PHP development team has just released the latest stable version of this programming language. This release fixes a security issue of the popular programming language aimed at web development.

The update comes just five days after they release the previous version (PHP5.3.7) when the team detected a major security vulnerability that left exposed the affected applications.

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Set up a professional development environment using Packt’s new PHP 5 Tools book

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, April 27 @ 07:11:55 CEST (18908 reads)

swatii writes "Expert PHP 5 Tools is a new book from Packt, which provides developers with best practices and enterprise tools required for designing, coding, testing, and deploying PHP applications. Written by Dirk Merkel, this book will enable developers to write unit tests and practice test-driven development from an expert. The developers will also learn to develop their own coding standard and enforce it automatically.

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PHP TestFest 2009 Winners

Posted by nukelite on Wednesday, February 03 @ 06:20:54 CET (6677 reads)

zizo-soft writes "Winners of elePHPhants

  • Mark Schaschke TestFest London May 2009
  • Patrick Allaert Belgian PHP Testfest 2009
  • Rafael Dohms testfest PHPSP on 2009-06-20
  • Guilherme Blanco testfest PHPSP on 2009-06-20
  • Fabio Fabbrucci Italian PHP TestFest 2009 Cesena 19-20-21 june
  • Rodrigo Moyle testfest PHPSP on 2009-06-20
  • Edgar Ferreira da Silva testfest PHPSP on 2009-06-20
  • Marco Fabbri PHPTestFest Cesena Italia on 2009-06-20
  • Jason Easter Testfest 2009 2009-06-20
  • Simon Westcott PHPNW Testfest 2009

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Addons: Free Webinar - PHP New Features

Posted by nukelite on Monday, June 29 @ 12:47:16 CEST (6688 reads)

DebraCruz writes "

Free Webinar - PHP New and Improved Features

There is a free webinar happening on Friday (June 19th, 2009) @ 1PM ET

- Web Services
- Smarty
- Caching Mechanisms
- Testing Framework
- Best Practices
- IDEs (Eclipse, Aptana, Zend Studio)
- PHP 5.3.0 RC: what's coming

Provided by Software Training Academy



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Hosting: Nuke Multi Host Script

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, March 17 @ 11:21:50 CET (7368 reads)

matteoiamma writes "It was a released a multi host version of S-Cms,
a simple cms programmed in php and mysql by matteoiamma.

This multihost version is compatible also whit phpnuke!!
For look a demo click here


- All functions of S-Cms

- Compatible Whit Phpnuke

- Multihost system and site categories

- Panel user Manager

- Automatic Installer

You can download it from here

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