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PHP-Nuke Flash Player v0.3.2

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, August 16 @ 14:44:00 CEST (4889 reads)

Tivadar writes "Nuke Player v0.3.2 available to download.

What´s New in This Release v0.3.2:

  • Update JW player to new version (v5.7.1896)
  • Remove preview.swf,swfobject.js,video.flv files (not need)
  • Module now not use JS code (many problem IE browser old swfobj lib)
  • Preview now simple image not a swf file
  • JW Player not supported more logo to not licenced version (settings removed)
  • Fake EQ not support new JW player version (settings removed)
  • Added tooltip.js to info text and jscolor.js (color picker) to easy coloring player layout
  • Categories list and file list rewrite to table view not a select
  • Integrated comment Chapta patch
  • Updated block file and embed media file (removed swfobj lib, not support func.)
  • Update about
  • other bug fix


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Email Signature Module

Posted by nukelite on Monday, July 25 @ 01:00:00 CEST (4723 reads)

 With Email Signature Module it is possible to create customized image icons for your personal e-mail address or for your website´s. This way you will be able to design a new and original icon by just typing the e-mail you are going to use and then selecting font, color and edge of the image.

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eMule module 2.0 is now out!

Posted by nukelite on Monday, April 12 @ 07:19:59 CEST (133799 reads)

RebliNk17 writes "Hi everyone, few years ago I started to work on a new module of the Edonkey module that published to the PHP-Nuke community, after a lot of work i managed to get a great module that i used for few month in my site (until i shot down my site) and i called that modules "eMule 1.8a". A few weeks ago i started to work on a new version of this module which called "eMule 2.0". Download now the eMule module 2.0 From NukeAll.Co.iL!

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Addons: Comment fix for Nuke Flash Player v0.3.1

Posted by nukelite on Monday, January 04 @ 05:43:55 CET (10515 reads)

Tivadar writes "This fix change to Nuke Flash Player (v0.3.1) comment spam filter to Nuke default spam filter (Chapta).

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Addons: Youtube Grabber Module Released

Posted by nukelite on Friday, December 18 @ 12:17:20 CET (7903 reads)

xGSTQ writes "YouTube Video Grabber is one the working video grabber scripts or add on for php nuke web site.
It is very simple, light and you can download the source code to use it on your web site. Enter a YouTube video URL in the input box, click download link generator button and click download link at the bottom to save the video in your computer.

You can also use login feature inside to script to download video that requires user to login.

Original script by

Download the Youtube Grabber Module (no registration required)

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