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2011 Programming Languages Ranking

Posted by nukelite on Tuesday, September 06 @ 18:31:26 CEST (26125 reads)

TIOBE index is an indicator of the popularity of various programming languages with which we carry out this classification. This will allow us to verify if our skills as developers are updated

We find PHP Among the highlights, even with the poor results obtained during the last months and after the recent arrival of new version: PHP 5.3

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Romanian and Bulgarian PHP-Nuke Users

Posted by nukelite on Thursday, September 20 @ 23:26:19 CEST (5654 reads)

peteark writes "There is great news for Romanian and Bulgarian PHP-Nuke users you can now translate the Lang files for PHP-Nuke here

I hope this is of use to other Nuke users

Pete. Business Services UK"

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Persian PHP Nuke 8.0 Final by Persian Portals Group

Posted by nukelite on Friday, August 24 @ 21:54:32 CEST (6809 reads)

farhad writes "The latest version of PHP Nuke (8.0) was translated to Persian by Persian Portals Group. These following options are availabe in this package:
- The interface is completely in Persian with best translation.
- PHPBB 2.0.22 patched is in Persian with full Persian Control Panel and FAQ...
- With the Persian Installer .
- It uses Unicode encoding system to store data in database.
- Compatible with original English version in Themes , Blocks , Modules
- Right2Left page direction for Persian language and Left2Right for English and other languages.
- Compatible with any languages that uses Unicode encoding.
- Sends Persian emails for both PHP-NUKE and phpBB.
For full persian nuke click here. Please contact us (Portalha Group) for more information."

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Addons: Translator needed!

Posted by nukelite on Friday, March 09 @ 03:05:00 CET (7199 reads)

pratcom writes "Hi everyone! Im happy to annonce the release of PNC 4.1.0 with all bugs fix, we hope ;)!
And more with our new themes shop, we release theme for PHP-Nuke and PNC. We have our affiliate System up and running, this is an opportunity for you to make money by advertising us on your site.
And we are happy to annonce you the new Hosting Service offert by PHPNUKE-CLAN.NET, the big openning of this service will be the 2007 March 15.

You can visit us at to view our new services and scripts."

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Languages: Arabic Language Fix for PHP-Nuke 7.9x

Posted by nukelite on Friday, January 26 @ 13:15:00 CET (13451 reads)

Master55 writes "This is Arabic Language Fix all text  for PHP-Nuke 7.9x 
this best arabic Languages and can you see this click here
if you need download this Language please click here"

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