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AdManager 2

Make your life easier by getting an ad manager with simple interface that will help you to manage all your ads and increase revenue from your ads. Display more than one ad at the time without adjusting your website or taking up any additional space.
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AdButler - Ad Server

This is a professional (web-based) ad serving system. Manage your ads including: Banners, Text ads, HTML banners, Flash, Java Applets, Rich Media, Pop-ups, and 3rd party ads. Then, give your advertisers individual logins to view their own read-only stats. You can also use keywords to catch specific audiences.
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AdSpeed Ad Server 7.9.5

This application combines the latest ad serving technologies with advanced web analytics, so it will maximize your advertising revenue. Just enter ads from advertisers with target criteria right into your system. AdSpeed Ad Server serve ads, track and report real-time statistics about ad impressions, clicks, revenue, and conversions. Then, manage your ads inventory through the easy-to-use interface.
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