Ad Management


Co-Registration System, CoregMedia

Online advertising and publishing has evolved to great new heights with CoregMedia. Several unique standards in data quality have been set up and businesses have come to enjoy the benefits of ready-for-operation businesses.
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AdWatcher - Ad Manager, ROI Tracker, Fraud Monitor 2.0

Ad Watcher is a tool that aids in the management of online advertisements put up by a company. This would include sending newsletters, safelists, and banners. They would keep a tab on your Return on Investment(ROI) and keep a look out for fraudulent activity on your advertisement campaign and recover any losses incurred in the process.
Read more Super Safelist 1 Super Safelists are simply another means of online marketing. These are lists of persons who have agreed to receive and interpret promotional emails. This is the most cost effective of targeting a large customer base.
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William Nabaza's Safelist Builder 1

William Nabaza's Safelist Builder provides an opportunity to garner an income through advertisements. There could be individual advertisements sent to the William Nabaza's Safelist Builder .
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vCampaigns - Manage your online marketing campaigns! 1.0

People can talk a lot about how they campaigns are successful, but they seem to forget that in every case a Campaign Manager is needed. This is a web-based campaign manager and will help you manage all web-based “link” advertising campaigns by tracking click-through, conversions and other important data. vCampaigns has a control panel that provides you control over campaigns: see which one is generating the most money or the most traffic to your website.
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ClickBank Product Ad Builder

With ClickBank Product Ad Builder you can put Google Adsense-type ads for ClickBank products on your site. This is a free builder that delivers ads for ClickBank products based on keywords (specified by you). Also you can choose to let the application pull keywords from your website. Earn great money by advertising high conversion products that are related to your content and customize the look and feel to fit with your site's style.
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ClickBank Contextual Ads for your Site 1.1

Putting contextual ad son your website is a great thing to do. Mostly because ads will ever be based on your visitors and friends likes. With this Ad Builder you will be able to put ads on websites and blogs and create and deliver ads based on section and sub-section of ClickBank you want. You can also configure keywords to make it work even better!
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Nabaza Safelist - free ad blasters 1

This is a great safelist to join. If you become a member now, you’ll get a FREE account and get 2 FREE bonuses: Ezine Announcer and 50 Ezine Publishers Interviewed.
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Ad Peeps Hosted

This application will allow you to manage and display advertising on your own website. Ad Peeps is web-based so you won’t need to download anything or follow complicated install steps. Just paste the provided code (HTML) on the pages of your website and ads will start appearing.
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PPC Linking - Pay Per Click 2010

Take advantage of target traffic from thousands of different search engines, directories, blogs, and portals shopping sites, websites and more! This application delivers visitors to your website using our contextual advertising system that scans the text of a website for keywords and returns ads to the web page based on what the user is viewing.
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