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HTML-Calendar (Perl) 2.15

A monthly calendar could be a great idea if you’re looking for a new way to give services to your visitors and friends. Also, your website will always look up-to-date and professional. This Perl class lets you create a monthly calendar that is easy to use and highly customizable and supports multiple languages.
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MyNapster 3.4.3

Have you ever thought about having your own P2P sharing system? The peer to peer sharing system is not only controversial; it is also easy to use and very useful! Start sharing files with your friends (and only friends) by using My Napster system.
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MÆS 1.3

Music has been a passion with humans ever since the dawn of time. With time and several innovations in science and technology, music is available in several formats for the layman to enjoy music. The internet has given way to yet a distinct genre of music, where streaming music forms an inherent part of the internet.
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AllAffiliatePro affiliate marketing solutions 4.5

Affiliate marketing is using a particular website to promote another. Affiliate marketing is often overlooked by businessmen. But programmes like PayPerClick and PayPerEmail have been around for quite some time. The domain of marketing has grown to such an extent that sophisticated softwares like AllAffiliatePro have come up to help businesses keep a track record of their marketing performance.
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xFlow 7.0

xFlow! is an alternative to functional style galleries written in Flash or jQuery. It uses PHP and JavaScript to provide its magical features. It is an asset for web administrators, as it provides an alternative to web developers over similar galleries that employ scripts for JavaScript image reflection scripts.
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Affiliate Manager for Clickbank 2.0

Try a new way to increase your sales! This simple script will help you to maximize your profits by increasing your link popularity and search engine ranking. The way it works is very simple: y our visitors fill out a short form and instantly receive a unique URL that they use to advertise your website. Then, the application automatically generates the HTML banner codes the affiliates have to put into their homepages to earn commissions.
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GPTEngine (TM) 2.2.0

This is a platform developed to let you create and manage your GTP (Get Paid To) program. GTPEngine is a great solution for advertisers (PPC, PPA campaigns) as well for members in the form of paid advertising (GTP) like Paid To Promote, Paid To Click among other types of GPT campaigns. Enjoy the exclusive built-in CMS system while you start your own online business.
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ClickBank Directory

If you need an inventory of your sales this could be your script! ClickBank Directory is an PHP script that allows you to maintain a directory of your sales by taking the ClickBank XML file and importing it into MySQL database. Don’t waste your time by copying hoplinks; better, use it to promote your directory that will be created within minutes. Each link will be coded your affiliate ID.
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Traffic Sales Professional

Are you thinking about selling traffic? You don’t know how to manage your traffic so it can be distributed fairly? TSP allows you to categorize thru an administration panel, the send it to one place and let the script spread out the traffic among buyers. Once all purchases have been dealt with the script won’t send any extra traffic to the URL's you choose, again by category or niche.
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This very specific application is based off the award winning TotalAffiliate Software. SalesTracker is exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. In just a few words: you’ll be able to pay affiliates per either “on time” or “recurring” sales. The software uses MySQL as a backend and can handle all the traffic you can imagine and more.
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