DS BGIris - script

Adding effects to background could be a great and innovating thing to do on your website. By adding this script to your pages an iris effect will be displayed right on the background.
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DS BGFlag - script

Website’s background is a nice place to put some information, or logotypes. With widescreen monitor, background has become a new –and important- section that must be used. With this little script you’ll be able to display a background flag effect so you’re going to be using that lost space with something really important: promote your site, share some art, improve your site’s design and more!
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DS BGCrossFade

By having a nice background for your website is not the only thing you will need to make your work look better. This script allows you to display a Crossfade effect right there, into the background.
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DS BGDissolve - script

The past dissolves before our eyes just like an image dissolves and fades out before us on the webpage. A dissolving image leaves behind an impression that it is a part of the past, but it is important enough to be kept in mind. This is what the DS BGDissolve - script aims to achieve.
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Price: $24

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DS BGGradientFade - script

A gradient involves a slow but regular transition or change in colour. To imbibe the essence of the transition on web pages, the DS BGGradientFade - script was created for web developers.
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DS BGFire - script

The background in all case is important in all cases. Several applets and JavaScripts have been designed to cater to the growing demand for attractive and captivating backgrounds. The DS BGFire - script is another script in the same line. It is found to be potent enough to show a complete fire in the background.
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DS BGFog - script

A foggy weather has never been a welcome entity for any of us, but a foggy appearance on a web page gives an impression of harmony. This is where an script like DS BGFog - script comes into the picture.
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Graying out a page 1.0.0

Graying of objects in real life gives the impression that they are getting old and dying out. This could be the message you want to convey to visitors to your webpage. This puts the Graying out a page script a handy tool in the hands of web developers when they want to convey a similar experience to visitors on a web page.
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falling snow javascript 3.0

Watching snow fall is an excitement that cannot be easily forgotten by those who have witnessed it in real time. JavaScript brings the effect to cyberspace through the falling snow JavaScript. The script usually has some background music to accompany the falling snow which adds to the impression of falling snow.
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Background Color Changer 1.0

The background of a web page brings the web page to life with an assortment of colours. It could be managed through a JavaScript element that could be added to the html coding of a web page at the appropriate location.
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