Favorite BG Color by QuinStreet Inc.

Customisable applications are the most favourite on a web page. They attract all the more visitors to a website. In view of this, several scripts were designed to enable the customisation of parametres like background colour of a web page. The Favorite BG Color script is yet another script in the same line.

It courts difference with other scripts that would bring about the same effect by recording the favourite background colour of the visitor through a cookie. The visitor is prompted to give his favourite colour on the first visit and the background of the web page is changed accordingly. It remembers the visitor's choice when the visitor visits the web page the next time, and displays the page in the same background colour.

The script is available as a free resource over the internet. All the web developer is supposed to do is copy and paste the JavaScript to the HTML coding of the web page.


License: Freeware