Halloween Cascade Effect 1.5 by Trio Solutions

Considering the importance of Halloween in our lives, an extension of Dream Weaver has been created to send a similar message to us through the design of websites. Halloween Cascade Effect is a script that makes way for display of Halloween images on the web page in a cascading manner. A host of images fall on the page from within the page with a cascading effect.

Halloween imagery like turnips and mythical monsters is made to fall in succession on the web page. The images in this case could be customised with ease, and the script could be added to the design of the web page easily without the need of knowledge of programming.

The script could be downloaded after paying the cost for it. It is known to work in most modern browsers like Safari, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Google Chrome.

Price: $10

License: Shareware