Loading Page Effect 3.4 by TopDreamweaverExtensions.com

The time taken for a web page to download its content from the server is the testing time for visitors, and many web pages lose visitors when they can't hold the attention of the visitors long enough. To remedy this, there are tools like Loading Page Effect. There is the provision for the display of a screen showing the loading status of the page. It disappears as soon as the web page is loaded.

This is another way to avoid serving the visitors an incomplete page while the loading is in progress. This is often quite rude and sends an impolite message to the visitor who expects instant results. The visitor might even jump off to another website or another web page, leaving your web page with its offering of advertisements.

The script is available at a small price to web developers interested in including it in their web page. The best way to economise the loading time would be to economise on the nature of dispersal of information on your web page. Use of large images and multimedia accounts for a considerable size of the page and time taken for the page to download.

Price: $20

License: Shareware