ContentFlow 1.0.2 by Sebastian Kutsch

ContentFlow is a part of the revolution to make the web an easier place to use when it creates flows on the web page. Each element could be customised and configured as per requirements. This is based on the visual impression given in Coverflow/imageFlow. ContentFlow is capable of handling all kinds of content, and can manage any number of flows on a web page. Content could be added or removed from the script while it is online.

Flows on a web page are reflected on the client side automatically. Interactivity is enhanced by giving a lot of options to the user to display content. Content could be controlled using the keyboard and mouse.

The JavaScript is compatible over all browsers. The aim of ContentFlow is to ensure a smooth flow of content over websites. Any number of images in all available formats could be displayed on a webpage with this.

ContentFlow is available for a free download over the web. It is widely used to present slideshows.


License: BSD