Site Logo/ Watermark Script by Dynamic Drive

It is sometimes incumbent to give a brand or company name to a webpage. This is enabled by the Site Logo/ Watermark Script. The logo of the website may be symbolic of the designer or the typical message that is meant to be conveyed through the website. The image could appear at any of the four corners of the web page.

The script serves its purpose when visitors find themselves on a large website with a broad framework where the visitor would have to make a conscious effort to return to the homepage of the website. The image could be at times irritating to the eye, so it could be programmed to fade away in a few seconds by incorporating some changes in the HTML code box.

A particular code needs to be added to the <head> section of the page in this case. An external .js file contains the key to all the changes that could be made to the page. These variables could be ‘fadedurations’, ‘setting’, ‘border’, ‘logoHTML’, and offset of logo or image with respect to the window.


License: Freeware