JSFX Halloween Ghosts by JavaScript-FX

Halloween is a time when ghosts and witches rule the world. Ghosts are infamous for making sudden appearances, which gives everyone a fright. The very same effect is tried to be simulated by the JSFX Halloween Ghosts script.

Images could be moved all over the web page using this script to give the effect of ghosts in motion. The images could be customised, and chosen as per the client's requirements. This could be made quite spooky and scary with an alternating background or a background image with simulation of ghosts.

The script is compatible with browsers that support opacity like Internet Explorer, Netscape 6+ and Mozilla. It is very easy to use this script, it could be used by simply copying and pasting the code from a web page or wherever it is available to the html code of your web page.

The script is available free of cost to all those interested.


License: Freeware
Demo url