PhP-Nuke Scroll-Fading-Banner Block 1.3 by The7upMan

Block used to display banners and links by hyperlinked images for your Affiliates, Informations, Partners, Supporters, Organizations, etc.
with Fading effect !!! And I (The7upMan) added Scrolling to it try it out.
I am using it now on my site. PhP-Nuke v7.7 - 7.9 works Great!!!!!

I also added a 2nd block of the same thing called block-BannerScroll2.php and it goes with bannerscroll2.js if you want both blocks like on my site then just go in the blocks2 folder and upload the blocks folder and do the installation just like the other one.


Category: PHP-NUKE » Blocks
Windows Linux
License: Freeware