Zope 2.11.4

Zope is a programme written in the Python programming language. It came into being in 1998, and has seen a consistent growth through different applications and tools.

Zope came up as an alternative to Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming. CGI programming is used by developers to create dynamic websites.

Jim Fulton developed Zope because he didn't find traditional CGI-based programming environments to his liking.
Web publishing was made easier this way by the Zope Corporation, or the Digital Creations, as it was known in those times.

It went on to release three open-source software packages in favour of web publishing. They were Bebo, Document Template and BeboPOS.

Python was used in these packages throughout. They provided a web publishing facility an object database and text templating.
In the coming years, Zope evolved into Zope 2 and Zope 3, bringing web application development to levels not known earlier.


License: Freeware