Vikuit 0.9 by vikuit

Vikuit is something that lets you create your own social networks on the web. Its popularity could be accounted to its free to use platform that provides the framework for building a social network to individuals and even to groups.

With Vikuit, users could control the presentation of the advertisements on the web page, choose their very own domain name, and any particular personal touch or feeling.

Vikuit provides the facility to tag and identify web content as articles more easily. The information is available for users within communities and forums. The web server is free of cost even for a big community of users. The community has access to view around 5 million pages in a month.

All updates of users are displayed in a real-time dashboard. Users are free to customise their experience over Vikuit. Vikuit's look and feel can be changed using the flexible render engine.
Vikuit also provides a common platform for organisation of all the user's images and what could be better than a personalised Image Gallery.

Users are invited to create their own communities using their articles, and comments.


License: GNU/GPL