Grok 1.4 by Zope

Although Grok seems to be quite intricate and complex, it is not meant only for the expert, but the fresher in the world of web development is also free to use Grok.

Due to its affinity to Django, Pylons and TurboGears and other Python Web frameworks, Grok involves the use of the Python code to configure its components. Grok is aimed at making the Zope Toolkit technology more efficient for those not acquainted with it, but not make a dent on the speed of application development.

Incidentally, Grok doesn't use a configuration language as used in Zope Toolkit and BlueBream.

The Grope web framework was initiated in 2006 by some Zope developers. Zope developers have been using this technology like Martian and grokcore.component in other projects too.


Category: Python » Python Frameworks
License: Freeware