TurboGears 2.1 by Kevin Dangoor

TurboGears was an application released in 2005. It enables users to create applications based on databases very easily in no time. The ease in customising the framework to suit one's needs can not be doubted. The task is achieved by using templates that are designer friendly.

It supports the use of database specific languages a SQL Object and SQL Alchemy. It supports multiple languages and uses Buffet templating plugins.

For the purpose of validation, it banks upon FormEncode. Re-use of already existing code is rampant and common feature of TurboGears.

TurboGears 0.5 used only a few hundred lines of Python code. TurboGears 2 cashes in on used components. A transaction manager is a part of TurboGears 2 as a help with multi-database deployments.

Installing and using TurboGears requires the integration of Python, Python 2.4 is a must for the latest version of TurboGears, There is a huge community of users employing TurboGears.


Category: Python » Python Frameworks
License: Freeware