Pylons 1.0 by Ben Bangert, Philip Jenvey, James Gardner

Pylons web framework is aimed at making website development that enables web developers build web applications on the fly using Python and the creation of web applications easier than it ever was.

A comprehensive knowledge of Python is always helpful in understanding Pylons. Python is a powerful tool in the hands of developers, and yet it is very easy to learn.

There are two versions of Pylons available: Pylons 1.0 and Pylons 0.10. Pylons 1.1 was released in July 2011.

Pylon uses Web2Py as it base for its design and activities in web application framework. Pylons evolved as an alternative to the complexity of CGI scripting. It had a lot of fall backs, llike it was slow.

There are a whole lot of web applications like RhodeCode, muse, and LinOTP 2 that use Pylons. In addition, websites like 27Jobs, Ain't Just Soul and Codepad also use Pylons.


Category: Python » Python Frameworks
License: Freeware