SysAthena by sysacuity

Managing schools and other educational institutions could be a cumbersome task had it not been for the SysAthena software application.

This web 2.0 application is the perfect complement for appropriate collection and organisation of school/campus/student information.

This way, educational institutes incorporate the internet into their program of education and this makes their management and running more efficient.

SysAthena provides a comprehensive control over the management of these educational institutions as it has been designed in accordance with the needs of these temples of learning.

AS compared to other methods adopted to achieve similar ends, SysAthena is quite cost-effective and free from any errors.
Its user-friendly mode of interaction provides avenue to change quickly as per the situations. It is very easy to use. This could be gauged by the truth that it could be used even by those with very little working knowledge of the computer.

The positive points about SysAthena could be that information could be had without any effort on the part of the user. There is very little risk of data loss, it eliminates ambiguity and user gets to save on some money.

Price: $450

License: Shareware