Ezror 0.1

Ezror is Simple Rails Deployment Script. This is an effort to simplify the rails deployment process. This follows a few simple steps. The first f these would be entering the details concerning the installation location, the IP address, and so on.

EzrorThe script runs by itself without any input on part of the user. It is supposed to install and run your rail application. Finally, the user is warned as and when the application is deployed.

EzRoR is a Simple Rails deployment script that needs to be downloaded from the internet, and the appropriate information entered. EzRor does everything by itself after this.

Among other stuff, EzRor attempts to install
* Rubygems 1.3.7
* Rails 2.3 X /3.0
* Apache 2 and Caistrano 2.5.19

Price: $30

License: Shareware