Webshare 0.8.2 alpha by Virginie Vivancos

Webshare is used to share documents between multiple platforms. This project uses the Ajax or PHP programming interface. Using Webshare, one could handle files and folders that find themselves on one or more FTP servers that are separated by a distance. The interaction is provided using a web-based interface.

Any browser could be used to copy, save or edit documents on the web. The task on hand could be performed as easily as is done if the documents were on the same computer. It emerges as a jackpot when one realises its potentials in sharing documents and information.

It could be used to upload and download several files at the same time, to make picture galleries, view and improve the properties of each document. One could even listen to mp3 audio files directly without any other gadget being involved.

All documents are kept under the strict supervision of the administrator.


Category: Ajax » Apps & Scripts
License: GNU/GPL