AJAX Calendar with PHP and mySQL 1.0 by OpenCrypt

In the busy lives all of us have in the world, it becomes essential to have a manager to oversee the proper management of dates, one's availability and one's appointments on a specific datre. This is purported to be provided by AJAX Calendar with PHP and mySQL .

This is a PHP script available for everyone to use and it comes without a price tag. The day is displayed using data from the mySQL database.

There is a very smooth functionality with ease of navigation over the 12 months in an year. Many different calendars used by diffrent individuals could be displayed at the same time.

This way, dates and events significant to different users could be viewed at the same time. Users have the freedom to mark some specific dates in the calendar as ones that would find them engaged or free by just clicking on the dates. Events are stored in the mySQL database.


Category: Ajax » Apps & Scripts
License: GNU/GPL