Online Real Estate Listings Software 2.5 by itHighway.

The Online Real Estate Listings Software is a software that integrates the internet and the real estate business. The most important point to be highlighted in the business is the options the client or customer has to choose from. The point is that the client should be presented with a whole long list of options to choose from.

This is what the sofrware provides. It showcases a list of real estate available for rent and sale. The software could prove to be useful to you in all cases whether you are making a new website for the purpose of real estate or merely managing it as an independent realtor. You might represent an agency, or you could be a service provider for realtors seriously into the business.

This is the best way to create a list of options available both to the client as well as the customer. This would add to your business profits at the end of the day.

Price: $185

License: Shareware
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