Real Estate Database Search 2.0 by Real Estate Database Search

Real Estate Database Search is a boon for those searching for accomodation. It overcomes the problem posed by online property sites where the client doesn't have an option to confirm if the property has the required number of rooms or faces a specific direction or not.

The program lets clients choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they would require in their house. The program goes on to provide a comprehensive description of the locality or area in which the accomodation exists so that the client can make an intelligent choice.

Property is available at all sorts of prices in an area. It is essential to list both the extremes so that clients can make their choice as per their budget.

The program then lists all the enteries that match with the requirements of the client. The client is free to make his choice. The choice is to be made clear by merely clicking on a specific number in the list. This results in the display of the details. This could even mean images and pictures of the location or site.

The application is easy to set up since it uses MS Access as its database.

Price: $89

License: Shareware
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