Embedded Sql 1.0 by Patrick Verbeeten,

It would be great if the powerful potentials of programming languages and databases were combined. Such an attempt to bring the twoo togeher is known as Embedded SQL.

The problem begins when you want to add .sql files to a website with ASP.Net or a Visual studio project. An SQL editor might be used to edit the .sql fil. Parametres of the statement are set by the class generated that executes the procedure. Only standard T-Sql procedure declaration is to be added to the sql file.

Embedded SQL emerged as the first solution for providing SQL statements to the DBMS.

The central idea behind the concept of embedded SQL is to use a database sublanguage or SQL statements in environments that use programming languages as C or COBOL.

Servers like Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and mySQL and Sybase don't support Embedded SQL.


License: GNU/GPL