SQL Relay 0.43 by david.muse

SQL Relay is merely another way to tool used to connect databases. Severa programming languages as C and C++ are suppported by this system. It is instrumntal in giving speed to web applications that use databases for support. This is also n option to access information and data stored in databases that thrive in platforms that don't support the database.

SQL Relay suppports information from databases using structures as Oracle, mySQL, mSQL, Sybasem ODBC and MS Access. Programming is allowed in the C,C++, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, TCL, and Zope.

This is a GUI tool that makes it all the more user friendly. It is often used to enhancce access to databases. Intricate database operations like suspended transactions and multi-row fetches are supported. Diifferent versions of the script might be downloaded from the internet as free wares.

License: GNU/GPL