HotCachDiscDB for MySQL 0.4 by rdamazio

Data needs organisation for a quick and effecient retrieval and use. It should be presented in an effecient manner. For this purpose, the database browser used by mySQL is known as Websqlbrowse. It is currently available for records on mySQL database only.

Websqlbrowse allows the editing and updating of database records and manage database content within the web browser. This is a database tool based on C/C++ programming language.

The browser is completely customisable. Results could be presented with the browser that makes way for the application of SQL scripts.
The script for Websqlbrowse could be downloaded free of cost from several resources on the internet.

Standard http servers are programmed to process requests only from a few special machines. On the other hand, SQL-enabled server are designed to allow access only to users with a particular password. Websqlbrowse could be set up on either.


License: GNU/GPL