XML Survey with multiple questions 1.0 by Vuzum, LLC

The script for XML Survey with multiple questions finds application in situations where the web developer needs to collect some data from visitors to his website. The xml file could take in an unlimited number of questions increasing the customisability of the questionnaire put up on the website.

The xml file contains all the questions put forth in the survey. Each question in the file is programmed to accept just one option as the answer. The user is pushed to answer the next question in the survey as soon as he or she expresses his or her choice.

The answers are stored in the xml file for processing. This is where the questions come from. The processing of the answers could be monitored by the user. The contents of the xml file, including the questions and the answers, is customisable. The script for XML Survey with multiple questions is available as a free ware for web developers interested in adding a survey to their web page.


Category: Flash » Components
License: Freeware
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