Magnifying Glass Effect 1.0 by Vuzum, LLC

Wouldn't it be a treat for your visitors if they could see certain areas of your web page in magnification? It would make your images a steal if they werer to be seen on web pages in high resolution, even as they don't occupy as much space as an image in high resolution would.

This is possible using the script for the Magnifying Glass Effect. The size of the magnifier as well as the size of the display are could be specified in the xml file or the html file.

The size of the image is automatically changed so that it fits in the display area. This size specifies the visibility of the image when it is viewed with the minimum zoom. The resolution of the image could be raised under the lens.

This feature negates the need to upload a different image or a full-size version of the same image to load when the user moves the magnifying lens over the image. The script for the Magnifying Glass Effect is available as a free ware over the internet.


Category: Flash » Components
License: Freeware