Flash Full Text Search Component 1.0 by Vuzum, LLC

Flash Full Text Search Component supports multiple images and texts. The images and texts, and their colour, size, etcetra could be easily manipulated by incorporating changes in the xml files.

It finds application in Flash projects and even as an independent Flash Search Component in html pages. To use it in a Flash project, it should be imported into the file. Changes in the xml file imply customised changes in the search playlist. An unlimited number of images and texts could be used in Flash Full Text Search Component. It is available as a freeware for webdevelopers who want to add variety to their web page.

It supports operations in Windows or in Mac operating systems. It is compatible with all sorts of browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6,7, Mozilla 3.0, Netscape 9, Opera 8 and Safari 3.0.


Category: Flash » Components
License: Freeware