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Demonstrations of music files for sale or even those put out for a playback are quite useful for those managing a website which deals in music. This is where a component as AudioPlay could be used judiciously. It borrows its features from Flash, and looks like any other button signifying actions as play/pause. It could be customised to take the form of any button image.

AudioPlay could be used to add background music to a webpage, while it loads, your visitors could listen to music. It only requires uploading it to the web page Events like the background colour, loop settings could be customised as per the user's likings.

An online version of AudioPlay is also available for those eager to use it online. It finds great merit as an onine player. The script is available as a free ware on several websites over the internet. It finds application in enhancing the interactivity of blogs, myspace, etcetra. The script needs to be inserted into AutoPlay's generator to be used. The code thus generated should be pasted on your webpage.


Category: Flash » Components
License: Freeware
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