Slideshow AS3 1.0 by FlashOtaku

Slideshow AS3 is a component that could be written in AS3. The images or slides involved in the slideshow would be stored in an xml file. This facilitates the updating of images; one doesn't have to resort to the fla file for fresh images.

The images in Slideshow AS3 could be transited or changed through 12 different transition effects. The images are stored in an xml file which makes the customisation of the component all the more easier. Like several good things in life, the script for Slideshow AS3 is available free of cost from different websites over the internet.

Creating a slideshow in AS3 would require a working knowledge of Flash and XML, one must be able to load the images from the XML file and add them to the stage. Flash comes in animating the images and giving the finishing touches.


Category: Flash » Components
License: Freeware