FlexiZoomer 1.1.0 by YoFLA ActionScript Development

FlexiZoomer is a Flash component that could be installed of simply pasted for use in a web page, although one doesn't need Flash to use it in a website. As the name indicates, it zooms on images that are externally located or the image could be a part of the swf file.

It could be brought on to the stage by simply dragging and dropping the file from the components panel. Alternatively, ActionSript could be used to define FlexiZoomer in the project.

To add a zoomable image to a blog, you need only to upload it to the swf file. In this case, xmls are not required to hold any variables relating to the image or swf. FlexiZoomer is used to zoom and an external image or a MovieClip from the library. The number of steps involved in the zooming could be adjusted as per the user's wishes.

Images available for zooming could be easily updated using JavaScript.


Category: Flash » Components
License: Freeware