Flash Video MX Pro by Moyea Flash Video Software.

Videos cannot be shown on websites in the form they are captured in. To begin with, their enormous size makes the downloading of webpages a problem. To resolve the problem, the Flash Video MX Pro was designed.

It converts videos to swf and flv files that are relatively easier to handle and are more user-friendly. It is also used to convert DVDs to swf or flv, mov and wmv files are easily changed to swf/flv using Flash Video MX Pro. Using the application, problems encountered in converting MPEG files to Flash or AVI files to Flash have become things of the past.

The advent of the Flash Video MX Pro has also created ease and efficiency in editing videos and customising the player besides publishing videos to the web. It becomes the ideal option for those who want a video on a web page. It could be downloaded from websites after paying a price for it.

Price: $100

Category: Flash » Components
License: Free Trial