ThreeDimView by DS Effects

This is an applet developed to show a color 3D objet with shaded, hidden line and wire frame displaying options. Also simple back-face culling, depth cueing, and z-buffer for hidden surface removal are used. You can set options like: initial position, spinning mode, displaying mode, scale, overall transparency, etc. For mobile devices running Google Android, there’s an equivalent version called Raw Object Viewer. You can find it on Android’s market place.

Parameters: Four sample data files are provided (ThreeDimView_blocks.txt, ThreeDimView_helicopter_1.txt, ThreeDimView_helicopter_n.txt, and ThreeDimView_face.txt). Edit one of the data files (or create your own) according to the format in the commented HTML example. (Cut and paste the code in this commented HTML example, ThreeDimView.html)


Category: Java » Applets » Image Effects
License: Free Trial