Touchup 3.2d by Peter Jones

This is a powerful and interactive replacement for the HTML <IMG> tag. With Touchup you can give users and visitors the ability to modify any picture uploaded to your site. They will be able to easily adjust images to their computer viewing conditions. And it works for every picture in the gallery, if visitors touch gamma on one of them the result will be seeing all the images brighter than before.

Some of the features are: Easy access to EXIF & IPTC data, Visitors able to zoom in on the fine detail of your work, Losing your original image, yet making changes without losing detail, Clients able to customize their request for a print, Visitors viewing your images adjusted to their environment, Tuning your images within the context of your web pages, Reducing the chance of theft with virtually no effort, Instant online processing and more!

Price: $20

Category: Java » Applets » Image Effects
License: Shareware
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