DS BGDissolve - script by DS Effects

The past dissolves before our eyes just like an image dissolves and fades out before us on the webpage. A dissolving image leaves behind an impression that it is a part of the past, but it is important enough to be kept in mind. This is what the DS BGDissolve - script aims to achieve.

The script enables the background to fade from view while the foreground with its paraphernalia of animations and images takes hold of the conscious present. The script's potentials at attracting the attention could be harnessed by web developers easily, although its paramatres could be changed by making a few alterations to the HTML code generator that accompanies the script.

The background that fades as well as the foreground of the page could be altered by making a few changes to the code. This would not require a comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

Price: $24

Category: JavaScript » References
License: Free Trial