Version 8.3.2 released

PHP-Nuke is back with its new version 8.3 absolutely free.

PHP-Nuke 8.3.2 fix some security issues and become compatible with PHP 5.3.

Features released in 8.3.2

PHP-Nuke 8.2 included security improvements, built-in BB2Nuke forums 2.0.238, significant changes in the system structure, and the source code has been deeply cleaned. Main body replaced by a clean and clear structure for designers and developers.

Improvements and new features in Version 8.2:

  • Significant changes in the system structure.
  • -Built-in BB2Nuke forums 2.0.238.
  • -Integrated security.

The code has been modified in the most used blocks files:

  • block-Who_is_Online.php
  • block-SiteStats.php
  • block-NukeC_Random
  • block-Login
  • block-Survey
  • block-Categories
  • block-Login
  • block-Languages
  • block-Modules

Modified modules:

  • News
  • Submit_News
  • Surveys
  • Members_List
  • Statistics
  • Downloads
  • Design:

    • Both left and right lateral blocks can be customized.
    • It has an Image folder which includes all the visual elements of the theme, and another CSS folder that includes the style sheet.
    • -Main body replaced by a good clean and clear structure for designers and developers

    Download (zip) Git Repository