Apache, PHP and MySQL on Red Hat Linux

3.6.5. Apache, PHP and MySQL on Red Hat Linux

For some obscure reason, Red Hat 8.0 does not connect the PHP package to that of MySQL and we have to resort to some tricks to make them work together. Thus, for Red Hat, you have to proceed as follows:

If Apache, PHP and MySQL are not already installed, install the appropriate packages. For Red Hat 8.0, choose the "Packages" menu entry as shown in Figure 3-22.

Figure 3-22. Red Hat Menu: Packages.

Red Hat Menu: Packages.

Once you have entered the system (as root), you can choose the three necessary pieces (Apache, PHP and MySQL):

  • Apache is found under "Web Server".

  • PHP is found under "Web Server".

  • MySQL is found under "SQL database Server".

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